Army Nurses: Everything You Need To Know

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Are Army Nurses Officers?

It depends on the jurisdiction and country. Indeed, army nurses can be officers, however this will vary on the countries army.

Typically speaking, army nurses do tend to be commissioned officers but instead of me speaking on behalf of every army, I suggest you research your specific geographical region appropriately.

“All Army nurses are supposed to be RNs with a BSN, although graduates of nursing schools may be accepted in some cases. These are all commissioned officers. LPNs OTOH come in as enlisted persons although they may be given early advancement to E3 or E4. Most people strongly recommend getting the BSN/RN before entering the service. Although you can theoretically advance from LPN to RN/BSN it is hard to do and can take years.”

What Do Army Nurses Wear?

Well well, what do we wear? Is it full on combat gear? Is it a medical kit? What we wear is functional for our day to day job. I would hazard a guess that you are checking what army nurses wear because we are that interesting hybrid role between the army and the medical field. We cross both paths and deliver both services. Anyway, let’s cut to the chase, what do army nurses wear…?

What Do Army Nurses Wear?

What Do Army Nurses Wear? Truthfully, it depends. Different army nurses will be working in different teams in different locations. Let alone the fact that each army nurse for each army will have different uniform.

Generally speaking, army nurses will either way military gear or scrubs. The outfit will depend on the job that the army nurse is working on. If a medical procedure is being carried out, an army nurse will wear scrubs to be easily identifiable. Whereas, if they are working around combat soldiers, they may be wearing combat gear.

What Do Army Nurses Do?

Are you in the army? Did you eat a cooked breakfast today? How often do you eat yogurt? Bang bang, pop pop. Today is the day you are going to find out what army nurses do, from an army nurse. Open your eyes and close your ears because you are about to read some information! Ok, intro over. Let’s dive into what us army nurses actually do…

What Do Army Nurses Do?

What Do Army Nurses Do? Army Nurses are soldiers. I figured it is best to start here because we are in the army. By being in the army, we are soldiers in the army we are in. The reason I wanted to clarify that is I was asked by a friend once whether or not I trained to be in the army or whether I was just a nurse who was offered to work in the army. The answer is the former. I trained to be in the army and am also a qualified nurse.

So, solider first, nurse second. I see a lot of wild stuff as a nurse in the army. Ultimately, it is a more hands on job than that of standard nurse. That is by no means trying to put down any nurses in the general field. It is more of a statement that when in the army, the stakes are a lot higher. I think we can all agree on that. With that comes a degree of pressure but it is something I was aware of before I took on the role.

Do Army Nurses Go To Bootcamp?

This section is going to echo what I have said in my other pieces because the process is entirely dependant on what country you are from and what level of service you are serving. But, if you want to become an Army Nurse, let’s discuss whether or not you need to go to bootcamp.

Do Army Nurses Go To Bootcamp?

Do Army Nurses Go To Bootcamp? Most often, yes army nurses do go to bootcamp. In fact, I would find it rare to hear of an army nurse that did not go to bootcamp. As I said in this article about [what](#whatdoarmynursesdo) []([army nurses do](#whatdoarmynursesdo), we are soldiers first, then nurses.

By the nature of that definition, it would be wild for a soldier to not undertake the bootcamp to enable them to become soldiers. What I am purposefully exaggerating to illustrate a point is that it would be pretty rare for an army nurse to not go to bootcamp.

Life of an Army Nurse

What is your life like? When do you wake up? When do you go to bed? What did you eat for cereal this morning. Do you think army nurses don’t eat fruit loops? Do you think they eat bagels without cream cheese? Be honest, what do you think their diet consists of. You are lucky because you want to know what the life of an army nurse is like and I am about to spill the beans on your toast. Ready? Let’s dive in…

Life of an Army Nurse

The life of an army nurse is the life of a soldier. Early mornings, late nights. Hard work, dedication, perseverance, honesty, integrity and trust. There are no shortcuts and above all, no hiding. You are part of a team and you show up day in and day out and prove why you deserve to be a part of the team.

The army nurse life is rewarding. You are making a difference on the ground. You are a [solider first] as I explain in this article but in conjunction with that, you are a nurse too. Saving lives and being there for medical support has a lot of pressure but a lot of special moments that comes with it. The types of moments that live with you forever.

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